Room 8

Dear reader, perhaps surprisingly for someone who writes I don’t usually like to delve into anything too personal on my blog. But today I’ve had news that has been huge, and wonderful, for my family and I felt I just had to share it. Over the past five months, my husband has been having chemotherapy… Read More Room 8

Flash fiction competitions to watch out for

[UPDATED 5/10/18] Flash fiction isn’t an area I often venture into because, frankly, it’s hard. The best flash fiction has astonishing capabilities, from the forensically minute to impressively epic in scale despite its compressed nature. Not quite the chucking-in-all-the-words-and-giving-it-a-stir method I’m more comfortable with. Nonetheless, I have seen quite a few flash fiction competitions listed… Read More Flash fiction competitions to watch out for

Jellyfish Review

Back in March, I had a very welcome acceptance for a flash fiction piece from an online literary journal called Jellyfish Review. Their format is to publish a new story every couple of days, spotlighting individual writers. I was given a slot in the middle of August, which at the time seemed so far away… Read More Jellyfish Review

Dodging the Rain

Dodging the Rain has to be the loveliest title I’ve come across for a literary journal. Visually as well, it’s a really beautiful online publication. And that’s why I submitted a very short flash fiction piece to them a few months ago which I hoped would be a good match. I was very surprised to… Read More Dodging the Rain

Short story competitions to fill the second half of your year

[Updated 16/10/18] ]It’s hard to keep track of all those deadlines, so here is an (updated) list of the main short story competitions coming up in the second half of the year. The management cannot take responsibility for any must-enter-them-all panic attacks, though I have no doubt you’re just one short edit away from victory.… Read More Short story competitions to fill the second half of your year