A lesson in Facebook

A typical Facebook news feed will be full of nonsense – incessant selfies, daily horoscopes and funny links from George Takei. But among all the white noise and the self-obsession, there are occasional examples of how to harness social media well.

Roddy Doyle uses his official page to post short sketches that say so much with so little. The set-up is simple: two fellas sitting in their local, shooting the breeze over pints of Guinness. Think Alas Smith & Jones’s head-to-heads but with Doyle’s distinctive Dublin slant. From their bar stools, they discuss everything from gay marriage to the Syrian refugee crisis, all in the colourful, lyrical dialogue we associate with Doyle. A recent tribute to Brian Friel was a particular highlight for me, though every conversation is a gem. You can find it here.


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