‘The Question’ in The Incubator

The good people of The Incubator have been kind enough to include a flash fiction story of mine – ‘The Question’ – in their latest issue.

photoThis means a lot to me. I’ve only been submitting stories for a few months – encouraged to do so by the facilitator of my writing class, the fantastically supportive Laura McKenna – and The Incubator was the first literary journal to welcome me into the fold. I can’t tell you how exciting it was to open the email that I assumed was going to be my first official rejection slip. I was even braced for that particular rite of passage, so was amazed that it was actually an acceptance – though I have had the rejection experience since, and can cross that off the writerly milestones list. I can also confirm that it sucks.

So thanks, editors Kelly Creighton, Anne Caughey and Claire Savage, you’ve made an aspiring scribbler very happy.



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