The weekly herding: keeping it positive

I’ve had a bad writing week (the self-doubt, the terrible, inevitable writer’s self-doubt!), and pretty much everything I read only served to make it worse – every article I dipped into seemed to be a list of what not to do in novels, and short stories, and synopses and social media. It’s easy to lose track of what you should be doing when there seem to be so many ways of getting things wrong.

So to counteract that, I’ve just chosen one news item this week, specifically for its positivity. It’s the news that a Cork-based writer, Denyse Woods, has won the Florida Keys Flash Fiction Contest, which had a staggering 2,100 entries. The rather amazing prize is that she will get to work in Ernest Hemingway’s Key West study for 10 days, sitting at the actual desk where he wrote For Whom The Bell Tolls. The small matter of flights and accommodation will also be taken care of, and to complete the experience of walking in the great man’s brogues, there will even be ‘a day of fishing in the Bacardi Oakheart Key West Marlin Tournament’.

Woods is the author of five novels, and is a former director of the West Cork Literary Festival. Her winning story, ‘Wallpaper’, can be read here.

Imagine having the opportunity to sit at a great writer’s desk and find inspiration in their everyday surroundings? Amazing



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