Summer specials

I’m reading shamefully little at the moment (I blame you, social media, for my reduced free time and childlike attention span), but I have great plans to rectify that over the summer months. Thanks to recent birthday generosity, I’ve been able to stock up on a whole bunch of novels that I’ve been meaning to read. Even better, I’ve bought physical copies rather than Kindle editions, which seem to leave my brain as soon as I’ve clicked through to the last page.

I read a study somewhere – don’t ask me where, but it was online so it must be worthy – that we take in less about a book when we read it on Kindle. While I’m no internet scientist, my own reading experiences would be very much in line with that. I think it’s to do with the fact that there’s so much more to reading a book than just looking at words. There’s the feel and weight of the book, the appeal of the cover design, the quality of the paper. You’re less likely to scroll past a dedication at the beginning, more likely to linger over further recommendations at the end. If you hate the book, you instinctively measure between your fingers how far you’ve progressed versus how much there is left to endure. If you love it and want to savour the story, you start to panic as you feel the pages dwindling.

With a bit of luck, having this physical stack of books on my bedside table will make me read more, surf less. And with this particular bunch, I can’t wait to get stuck in.

photo (47)


12 thoughts on “Summer specials

  1. What a gorgeous compendium. Will you be able to come up for air? I wonder if I could. Looking forward to your thoughts on all those worthy tomes. Lovely post Anne.

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  2. Thanks, Brenda. The lending library will be open shortly if anything catches your eye. Currently working my way through All The Light We Cannot See (on the Kindle, alas), which is beautiful. Have you read it?


    1. I’ve only seen a video of Paul McVeigh reading an excerpt, but I’m expecting The Good Son to have great warmth. Planning to start with Solar Bones as there’s such a buzz around it. Incidentally, Cathy, I was inspired to pull up my reading socks directly as a result of your epic reading adventures, so thank you!


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