Cork creative writing and poetry workshop

If you live in the Cork area, you might be interested in a pretty special one-day writing day coming up on September 17.

Led by the wonderful Laura McKenna (who facilitates the writing class/group I’m in – we’re not sure how to define ourselves anymore. Collective?) and award-winning poet Afric McGlinchey, it takes place in Glenville Park, a rustic country house about 12 miles north of Cork city.

The full day costs €65, which includes lunch and a tour of the park. It’ll be a wonderful opportunity to draw inspiration from atmospheric surroundings that are (as far as I know) not usually open to the public. Downton Abbey-esque pearls and gowns are not compulsory, though wouldn’t that be jolly fun? My monocle almost fell off at the prospect.

All the details are below:



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