New Year’s resolutions


  1. Be kind.
  2. Read more and choose books wisely. Resist all hyped books as often infuriating and result in much tongue biting while everyone else in the world waxes lyrical about them.
  3. Write more and finish what is started. Unless rubbish, in which case, dig holes in garden and bury deep.
  4. Move to house with very large garden.
  5. Hire gardener to counter extra disturbance of garden.
  6. Waste less time on social media/Netflix/YouTube. (Saw an interesting 37-part documentary on how to do that somewhere online. Research.)
  7. Learn a new skill. The ukelele looks fun. Bagpipes would make a good talking point at parties.
  8. Work out more convincing excuses for getting out of parties. Or maybe offer to play bagpipes for guests as invitation deterrent?
  9. Update blog more frequently. Honestly, people will think you have no staying power if you don’t. How hard can it be? (Start a new blog about learning to bagpipe? There don’t seem to be many out there on the subject. Research.)
  10. Be kind.

Happy New Year to all. Now behave yourself, 2017.





9 thoughts on “New Year’s resolutions

    1. But it will mean I can always bring my own entertainment to gatherings… (See how effective this could be? I could be a social outcast by Easter. Marvellous!) Happy 2017, Laura


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