‘A Simple Loss of Balance’ in The Nottingham Review

NottRev5I’ve been on a bit of a social media hiatus recently for family reasons, but had to pop back to talk about literary journal The Nottingham Review. Now in its 11th issue – and their first edition in print – they’ve kindly published a short story of mine called A Simple Loss of Balance.

This story did quite well for me last year in the 2017 Colm Tóibín International Short Story Award, earning a Highly Commended. It’s about a man who, on a perfectly average commute home from work one evening, intercepts a teenage boy who appears to be contemplating suicide. The inspiration came from two different news items recounting exactly this kind of incident. What toll, I wondered, does such an experience take on the passerby who becomes caught up in another’s moment of crisis?


Huge thanks to editor Spencer Chou and The Nottingham Review editorial team – I’m so pleased this little tale appealed to them and is getting another outing. Plus it’s wonderful to be in the company of such fantastic writers as this line-up.


The Nottingham Review Issue 11 print edition is available to order here. It costs a mere £3, with free UK P&P. Additional charges for international delivery. As far as I know, it will soon be available to read online as well.


6 thoughts on “‘A Simple Loss of Balance’ in The Nottingham Review

    1. Nice to have something out there, Tadhg, it’s been a while. Speaking of which, I’ve just seen the cover of your book – it looks so enticing! Looking forward to reading it


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