‘The First Cut’ in Dodging the Rain

Dodging the Rain has to be the loveliest title I’ve come across for a literary journal. Visually as well, it’s a really beautiful online publication. And that’s why I submitted a very short flash fiction piece to them a few months ago which I hoped would be a good match.

saw-woman-in-half-trick-magI was very surprised to get an email yesterday saying they had accepted my piece and it would be going live imminently. It’s called ‘The First Cut’ if you fancy something to read that requires less time than it takes to boil a kettle. And while you’re relaxing with your hot beverage of choice, do check out all the wonderful short stories and poetry they feature.

If you’d like to submit something yourself, the  guidelines are here. The next submission window for fiction is August 1-September 18, and they accept poetry submissions all year round.

Heartfelt thanks to editors Dana and Aine for offering a home to my little tale about a less than magical experience.

Photo: StockSnap.io

4 thoughts on “‘The First Cut’ in Dodging the Rain

  1. Loved your boil a kettle length fiction Anne… so well written too! 🙂 I don’t know if I should feel sorry for you not being picked or relieved you weren’t sawn in half!! 😀 I used to get a lot of (not being picked moments in my life.. it’s a seriously deflating feeling at that age). I was eleven in 1979, and also went to a good few Butlins holiday camps in the 70’s… they seemed such exciting places back then. Those holiday camps are a lot different these days. But I bet they still have a magician or two. I would take a guess the ‘other young lady’ might well have been his secret assistant. 😉

    Thanks for sharing a little piece of your life ( I love those kind of stories) and also the literary magazine, it looks lovely… and what a wonderful name!

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  2. As it happens, that tale is completely fictional, based on a picture prompt of a grumpy child in a magician’s box. However, I did once enter myself into a Butlins beauty pageant and suffered humiliating defeat! Wore my best bell-bottoms and everything… I suppose it subconsciously captures that awful feeling of raising your head above the parapet only for it to be pelted. Thanks for reading, x


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