‘You Will’ in Jellyfish Review

Back in March, I had a very welcome acceptance for a flash fiction piece from an online literary journal called Jellyfish Review. Their format is to publish a new story every couple of days, spotlighting individual writers. I was given a slot in the middle of August, which at the time seemed so far away – and yet here we are already.

StockSnap_VIKHO4EX7SIt’s called ‘You Will’, and is a bit of a departure for me, definitely much darker than my usual style. I wrote it while sitting in a Patisserie Valerie in my beloved London last summer. It was not long after the Borough Market terrorist attack and so soon after the Grenfell fire that the  tower was still smouldering. The mood in the city was tangibly sombre, and I suppose that seeped into what I felt compelled to write in a place where I’ve always felt safe and at home.

My thanks to editor Chris James, who edits Jellyfish Review with incredible enthusiasm. The journal has a rolling submission policy, and they’re lovely to deal with, so do send them your best words. And do have a browse through their archives as well. Some of my favourite stories in recent times have included  ‘Coal Girl’ by Tara Laskowski, ‘A Silent Flash of Cold White Light’ by Will Donnelly and ‘Collective Nouns for Humans in the Wild’ by Kathy Fish.


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