The Bangor Literary Journal flash fiction competition

I haven’t been entering competitions lately (not enough finished material), so I was really chuffed to see my name pop up on the shortlist for The Bangor Literary Journal 40-word Flash Fiction Competition. Also on it is my very funny writing group pal Eileen O’Sullivan – a double celebration for our little gang.

The shortlist is as follows:

  • Susan McCullough– Chosen
  • Stephen Smythe– Cold Call
  • Eileen O’Sullivan– Online Dating Profile
  • Linda Hutchinson– When you wish upon a star…
  • Diane McInnes– The Spirit of Inishfarnard
  • Julian West– Forty, thirty -nine
  • Anne O’Leary– Travels with Fairy Lights
  • Patricia Storey– The Crossing
  • Marilyn Timms– Atonement
  • Julie Sheridan– The Seating Plan

The winners will be announced later in the year, and will be published – I believe – in issue 9. In the meantime, The Bangor Literary Journal is currently accepting general flash fiction and poetry submissions for the issue, guidelines for which can be found here.

Congratulations to all the shortlistees. And thanks very much to editor Amy Wyatt Rafferty, this has been a great morale booster at slightly stalled Wordherding Towers!

Edited to add: you can read the winning and shortlisted flashes, published in issue 9, here.


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