‘Pattern’ for National Flash Fiction Day

Today I have a flash called ‘Pattern’ published online as part of National Flash Fiction Day.

NFFD is an annual (funnily enough international) celebration of the micro form, with flashes published every 5-10 minutes over a 24-hour period. An anthology of work is also published (separate from the online flashes), plus you can get prompts throughout the day if you feel inspired to get writing yourself – perhaps to enter next year? If you’re reading this on Saturday, June 15, you still have time to pop over to the website and see it unfolding – or follow on Twitter. Otherwise, you can read all of the selected flashes at your leisure as they’ll remain on the site.

My thanks to the NFFD editors for choosing my short yarn about crochet (see what I did there?).

Pictures: Pixabay.com


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