‘Mind Games’ published in Lunate Fiction

Today I have a flash published in UK literary journal Lunate. It’s called ‘Mind Games’, and it’s about the worst type of hypnotist.

Lunate is a new journal, but the work they’ve been publishing over the past few months is of such consistently high quality that it: 1) inspired me to aim high by trying them with something of my own, and 2) intimidated me reading all the stories that went live ahead of mine in the queue (read this by Cathy Ulrich and this by Lynda Cowles for starters). Comparison does nothing for self-confidence!

If you would like to submit – and I highly recommend you do as editors Hannah Clark and Gary Kaill are so approachable and encouraging – the submission guidelines for flash, short stories and poetry are here. They plan to open a brief submission window for longer stories (2,000-5,000) the last week in November. And there’s also tentative mention of a print edition further down the line. I’m very grateful to them for letting me be a part of this excellent publication.

Anyway, back to ‘Mind Games’. Three, two, onnnnne… you are now under my power and you WILL read it here.

Photo: George Kapodistrias/Pixabay; Arek Socha/Pixabay


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