Merry Christmas, everyone

Just a quick post to wish a very happy Christmas to all my regular readers. Thank you for dropping by the blog, and even venturing back here again. It’s lovely to see the stats rise year on year, and to feel that someone is actually willing to read the daftness my fingers type!

It’s been a bit of a tough year at Wordherding Towers, if I’m honest. My mother has been very ill, and in October/November was so critical that none of us could foresee her being with us for Christmas. But she is, delivered home by ambulance just a few days ago and cosy in her own bed. As a family, we’re very grateful to have her here, and it’s due largely to the staff of Cork University Hospital. From the surgeons who successfully operated on a poor candidate for major emergency surgery to the head of Housekeeping, who wheeled my mum out of the ward in her bed just so she could see the Christmas decorations in the hall, they’ve shown an extraordinary degree of care and kindness over the past two months. Many of them told me they would be working extra hard today to ease their patients through a difficult day. I find what they do incredible.

And as for you, dear reader, I hope you are having a wonderful or bearable Christmas, depending on your circumstances. This day can be a blessing to enjoy or a trial to be gotten through.

I will leave you with our Christmas cat, looking for all the world like she isn’t about to swipe the windowsill clear of decorations for the umpteenth time. Warm wishes, everyone.

Photo: Pixabay


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