Book report, week 6: health and hiatus

I don’t have much of a report this week, I’m afraid. My mother had emergency surgery on Monday, her second major operation in four months, so my time has largely been spent at the hospital.

Other than little snippets written in notebooks as and when they’ve come to me, I haven’t done much. A few thoughts have popped into my head for the resolution of my book, and hopefully they’ll still seem like good ideas when I can return to my manuscript. But my priorities lie elsewhere for the moment.


Judy Garland singing ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ in Meet Me in St Louis

I’ve watched Meet Me in St Louis and Shall We Dance. Both so joyous. I also caught City Under the Sea, shown on the Talking Pictures channel, which is wonderful for B movies. I remember seeing this as a child and loving it, but all I can say is that my attention span obviously isn’t what it used to be because I got very bored very quickly!

And, although it isn’t the type of research I need or want to do, there is an element of hospital involved in my book, so things keep occuring to me as I sit in those nursing home chairs you only find in health institutions.

Weekly stats

The MS currently stands at 81,396 words, 283 pages. A measly increase of 300 words, but the scribblings in notebooks should eventually translate into several scenes.

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