Book report, week 8: hope and Hope

I’m back to a slow canter through my MS, though finding it hard to concentrate with all that’s going on in the world at the moment. I keep rereading the same section, trying to pick up the thread again, and it feels so terribly plodding. But I don’t know if this part of the book actually is hard-going, or just feels that way because I’m having such difficulty focussing.

I’d also really like to print the whole thing out for a better overview, but there’s no point at the moment when I have so much to fix. I’m hoping that the brief chapter summaries I’m doing as I go along will help me to see if the overall shape is working. The wading-through-mud feeling has never been muddier.


I watched My Favourite Brunette this week. My parents were both fond of old films so I saw it as a child, and on rewatching, I was surprised at how sharp and witty the dialogue was. I’ve been understimating Bob Hope’s comic skills all this time – his delivery of the constant one-liners is sublime. There’s also some wonderfully silly physical comedy by Peter Lorre, and Dorothy Lamour admirably holds her own among a practically all-male cast:

I also started and abandoned several other classic films because they didn’t suit what I need for my MS. I have a few gaps where I haven’t been able to think of suitable films so am on the lookout for others. But I don’t have the time to invest in films I know won’t fit the bill. I would tell you what they were, but I’ve already erased them from my memory.

Weekly stats

I’m stuck at 81,767 words, 285 pages – barely a budge since the last weigh-in. Can I improve on that in the coming week? I certainly hope so.

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