Book report, week 10: heart and hobbies

My stats have bottomed out. That’s ok, you’re all busy queuing for toilet rolls at a safe distance or disinfecting the letterbox for the postman. I’m just trying to stick to my accountability experiment, which is, unsurprisingly, not going well.

Writing is impossible at the moment when the world is so insane. How do we take in the immensity of the COVID-19 pandemic? Instead, when I need down time I’ve been doing some crochet, which allows me space to think/plot:

Imma make a quilt

and am attempting a sourdough starter after the last one exploded the jar:

Not sure it’s working…

Writing opportunities

For anyone interested, two Irish online endeavours started this week inviting writers to contribute work. Both are well worth checking out. The first is Pendemic, which describes itself as ‘Not a literary magazine for ordinary times, but a journal for an exceptional one. Writing the pandemic, together.’ Their submission guidelines are here, and they stress that they welcome contributions of all sorts from beginners as well as established writers.

The other is The Holding Cell, which features virtual readings by writers in place of the many literary festivals that have been cancelled. You can watch on the site, via YouTube or Facebook. So far there have been readings by writers like Nuala O’Connor, Belinda McKeon and William Wall. You can also apply to be a reader here.

Speaking of writers, this is a lousy time to have a book published. This coming week, I’ll be featuring two Q&As with writers whose launch plans have gone very awry, one celebrating their debut and the other on their third novel. I hope you’ll pop by to read about their wonderful books and respective writing processes. The first goes live tomorrow.

Have heart

I’ll leave you with ‘You Gotta Have Heart’, a rousing song from Damn Yankees that I think is very apt for these times when mental fortitude is so important. I may have sung it loudly to myself a few times over the past few days. Stay safe, everyone.

Want to read more? Week 11 is here.

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14 thoughts on “Book report, week 10: heart and hobbies

  1. I wish I knew how to crochet! I really do. I wish I knew how to do anything other than write in fact because it’s my guilt of having all this time and not writing is what’s making me push ahead, very slowly and quality is not a concern right now. Thanks for the song! Maybe you can do a recording of you singing next time on Zoom! Thank you for updating. xx

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      1. Thank you, Anne. I was wondering if I could learn from watching a video and it’s so hard to find something legit online, so thank you. You are a star!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Anne, Just old George, keeping in touch as I read your blog and realise that sharing an odd ode is more fun than trying to influence the universe!

    I hope you will enjoy these two, which will have no raison d’être, when the crisis is past!

    Do not drop a stitch (in the crochet), while reading!

    Very impressed by your work ethic!



    Corona Virus, How do you do? You, like a genie came, Apparently from Chinese lands, Now Pandemic is your name.

    Please don’t deny our right to be A little out of sorts, You’re uninvited, aggressive too According to reports.

    We are quite tough,we humans And up to quite a fight, But leave our weaker folk alone Survival is their right.

    Meanwhile, don’t be complacent We’ll shortly have your measure, Then seek no sympathy, my friend, Your departure, will be a pleasure.

    George Potter


    I thought Corona virus caused a failure of the lung (Or so the experts told us, though in bats begun) But now it has mutated, as some, unbelievably, pursue A brainless selfish pattern, which the empty shelves, prove true.

    In olden days the pirates, chased their love of gold, Sailing off to pillage, the richer lands of old, But now it is just pasta, with toilet rolls to boot Which gauge the pirates’ grey cells, in their choice of loot.

    Perhaps in times to come, when these storms subside, These stupid selfish people, will themselves deride, As their weaker neighbours, who, remaining proud, Lost their chance of livelihood, behind this manic crowd.

    George Potter


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  3. I never get disappointed if only a few people read my blog. Sure, it would be lovely to have thousands… On the other hand there’s nothing like an unexpected comment or word of praise. A few likes for the blog are great too! Keep writing Anne.

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