Book report: words and more words

This is what 94,000 words of a manuscript look like. It’s surprisingly heavy:

I have cheated a bit because this thing is rife with notes in the copy like THIS MAKES NO SENSE! and EXPOSITION!! Plus there’s at least one chapter that still needs to be written from scratch once I get a better overview and weed out much repetition. But I’m happy to call this a first draft.

It’s great to feel that progress is again being made. Now to find enough red pens in the house to accommodate all the correcting I’ll be doing for the foreseeable future, though I really hope I’m on some kind of home stretch at long last.

There’s a thing on Twitter where writers list five things that feature in their WIP. So here are five things that crop up in Fundamental Things, as it’s currently called:

  1. Ghost estates
  2. Seagulls
  3. Fred Astaire
  4. Stale Bourbon Creams
  5. ABBA

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