Cambridge Short Story Prize longlist

I am deeply immersed in novel edits at the moment, but I had to put down my quill and open the door of my artist’s garret for a moment to yell out a bit of good writing news. A story of mine has made the longlist of this year’s Cambridge Short Story Prize (list is here)!

The timing of the announcement was perfect. Just this morning, I was trudging through pages and wondering whether anyone could possibly be interested in reading my nonsense, when it was posted. What’s more, it is a story I’m very fond of, but each time I’ve sent it out into the world it’s been rejected. I’ll revisit it, and tweak things, and get some more feedback from a trusted reader before dispatching it again. So it’s lovely to get this bit of encouragement to keep the faith.

I can’t reveal the title of the story at the moment as judging is still ongoing, but the shortlist/winners will be announced in a month’s time. Not nerve-wracking at all.

Take heart and keep going, writers!

Photo: Jill Wellington/Pixabay


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