Best British & Irish Flash Fiction list 2019/2020

I’m at the final stages of the novel at the moment, working on feedback, and it’s proving a right old battle because one of the characters isn’t coming together as I’d like. I’ve spent the past few days staring cluelessly at my screen, wondering whether I can pull off this writing lark at all. So it was a wonderful boost this morning to discover that a flash piece of mine has made the BIFFY50 (Best British & Irish Flash Fiction list) for the second year in a row.

This is an annual compliation of the top 50 recommended flash pieces by British or Irish writers, nominated by both readers and online literary journals, and whittled down by an independent panel of judges. If you’re new to flash fiction, this is a great place to find wonderful writers of the compressed form (and I can’t quite believe they’re allowing me in the gang!).

My story is ‘Mind Games’, which was published by the wonderful Lunate Fiction last summer. Though a relative new kid on the literary journal block, Lunate has quickly established itself as a quality publication and I’m extremely proud to be associated with it. My thanks to editors Han Clark and Gary Kaill, who were lovely to deal with, and feature the kind of quirky stories that really appeal to me as a reader. I would recommend them highly to anyone looking for approachable places to submit work (submission guidelines here).

It starts with the sentence, ‘The hypnotist’s wife can’t remember what she was angry about…’ and is available to read here. And do please check out the other stories on the list – there’s some amazing work there from the past 12 months.

Onwards, writers!

Photo: Pixabay


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