‘Sing Hope from Rooftops’ in Ellipsis zine

Please excuse all the ‘me-me-me’ news, but things have a way of happening together. Today I have a new flash published in Ellipsis zine. I’m pretty excited about it because I love the consistently good work featured in this literary journal. But I’ve also been a bit anxious about the timing and how it would be received.

‘Sing Hope from Rooftops’ was delayed from its original publication slot earlier on in the year. The reason for that was because what I wrote as a speculative piece of fiction in January soon turned into a real-life scenario for people in various parts of the world, and so the decision was taken to put it on hold. It was inspired by a video I saw of Wuhan, in what seemed like a surreal situation:

My thanks to editor Steve Campbell for taking a chance on it. He is an excellent editor, who you really should send your best work to (the Ellipsis publishing schedule and submission details can be found here).

Photo: Pixabay


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