Bournemouth Writing Prize 2021 shortlist

Greetings, fellow scribblers. I hope you’ve all had your jabs or are at least nearing the time for an appointment. I’ve been working away on a new project that I’d like to explain a bit more about at a later date because I think it will be of interest to other writers. In the meantime, just a little personal update to say that my odd feathered friends tale ‘A Guide to Keeping Birds’ has made it to the shortlist of the Bournemouth Writing Prize 2021, run by Bournemouth University and their indie press Fresher Publishing.

There seem to be plans afoot to publish most if not all of the shortlistees in anthologies later in the year, and mine will appear in an anthology called Waves of Change, which will be available in print and also in digital format on Amazon.

This is not a fast-moving competition, but final winners are expected to be announced some time after the judges – Fresher Publishing’s Emma Scattergood, Picador Commissioning Editor Ansa Khan Khattak and literary agent Sophie Scard – reach their decisions on Jun 7.

Photo: Pixabay


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