A farewell to 2020

This has been the year of the novel for me. Back in January, I set myself the task of actually getting a move on and finishing one of three novel projects I’ve been dabbling with for some years. I had a pattern of working on one for a while, becoming disheartened and bailing, only to… Read More A farewell to 2020


Book report, week 11: Porgy and Bess and Strout

Three blog posts. That was the extent of my writing week, three blog posts. Two were author interviews with excellent writers – Laura Besley about her debut flash fiction collection The Almost Mothers, and Nicola Cassidy about her third historical novel Adele, based on the life of Fred Astaire’s fascinating sister. I also entertained myself… Read More Book report, week 11: Porgy and Bess and Strout

Adele Q&A

Most of the author interviews I do are with writers celebrating the release of their first books. Today I’m delighted to welcome back Nicola Cassidy, who I interviewed back in 2017 about her historical debut December Girl. This month sees the publication of her third novel, Adele. It recounts the real-life story of Adele Astaire,… Read More Adele Q&A