Flash fiction competitions 2023

There’s something very satisfying about flash fiction – really good flash can give you a glimpse of a whole world in miniature and leave you thinking about it long after reading. If this is an area you excel in, there are plenty of opportunities for you to send out your work. Here’s a list of… Read More Flash fiction competitions 2023


Upcoming flash fiction competitions for August-December

[Updated 13/11/19] Here’s a short blog post about micro fiction competitions. As always, do please read the guidelines before you enter anything. And also as always, good luck! 2019 Lennox Robinson Award Closing date: EXTENDED to August 31 Prize: €100. The prize will be presented at a special event in Douglas Library, Cork, in October Theme: must relate… Read More Upcoming flash fiction competitions for August-December

Flash fiction competitions to watch out for

[UPDATED 5/10/18] Flash fiction isn’t an area I often venture into because, frankly, it’s hard. The best flash fiction has astonishing capabilities, from the forensically minute to impressively epic in scale despite its compressed nature. Not quite the chucking-in-all-the-words-and-giving-it-a-stir method I’m more comfortable with. Nonetheless, I have seen quite a few flash fiction competitions listed… Read More Flash fiction competitions to watch out for

Flash! Ah-aah…

I’ve been trying my hand at flash fiction recently, specifically 100-150-word stories. It’s not something I’m particularly good at – I seem to take God’s own time getting to the point, and I lack the poet’s enviable ability to convey a multitude with a few choice phrases. But it’s a good exercise for many reasons: firstly, it’s a… Read More Flash! Ah-aah…