A farewell to 2022

Hello reader, I hope your year has been a good one, or at least tolerable. The world feels like a strange place at the moment, partly back to normal, partly going to hell in a handcart. Everyone I know seems to be finishing out the year struck down by cold/respiratory virus/not-Covid-thing and writing paralysis, though… Read More A farewell to 2022


The unweekly herding: stepping up to the mic

It would seem there are two types of writers – those who are comfortable with reading their work to an audience, and those who would rather be trapped in a lift with Piers Morgan than stand before a microphone. EM Reapy, author of Red Dirt, is of the latter variety. In an upfront piece for the Irish Times last week, she explained that, though… Read More The unweekly herding: stepping up to the mic