Getting unstuck with NaNoWriMo

Hello fellow writers, I hope you’re all writing away mad, as we say in Cork. I, on the other hand, am mad that I’m not writing away, having hit something of a wall with my current WIP (book 2). It was going great guns. I recently completed an excellent Curtis Brown Creative three-month novel course… Read More Getting unstuck with NaNoWriMo


Unwise writer, week 13: are we there yet?

It’s the penultimate week of my 14-week novel writing challenge, and my inner monologue currently consists of this: noooooooooo! Nothing’s working. Nothing’s coming together. Trying to make myself put words on the page is like 10-year-old me attempting to do Maths homework as the Little House on the Prairie TV theme strikes up in the other room. Man, I loved… Read More Unwise writer, week 13: are we there yet?