Best British & Irish Flash Fiction list 2018/2019

I’ve been on a writing/blogging hiatus recently because of family health issues. My mother has been unwell and it’s pushed everything other than day-to-day essentials to the side. But I had to do a short post because of some lovely, surprising news I had today. [Boast alert] A flash fiction piece of mine has been included in the BIFFY 50, or Best British & Irish Flash Fiction 2018/2019. This is an annual top 50 list of published flash fiction, selected by a panel of editors. Seeing my name alongside a host of writers whose work I admire made me pretty teary-eyed, I can tell you.

My story is called ‘You Will’, and it appeared in Jellyfish Review literary journal. It was inspired by the terrorist attack that took place in Borough Market in London, though it could be any city, anywhere.

Heartfelt thanks to Jellyfish editor Christopher James, who published it around this time last year. I felt so encouraged by his enthusiasm for the piece at the time, and even more so now having it included in such a list.

You can see the full BIFFY 50 list HERE, with links to all the stories. There’s some incredible work there. What an honour to be among them.

Photo: KT Photography/Pixabay


6 thoughts on “Best British & Irish Flash Fiction list 2018/2019

  1. Sorry to hear about the family health issues, Anne, but so glad you decided to pop back into blogosphere for a bit to celebrate this news! Congratulations! It’s a great story and you are such a gifted writer.



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