Book report: here we go again

I’ve had stellar feedback from my two first readers. Really, they’ve been so meticulous and wise, and I’m very fortunate to have had their input. They’ve picked up on everything that didn’t hang together and pointed out all the areas I rushed through and glossed over hoping no one would notice, and now it’s time to put those sections right. I would pay good money to have someone take care of this stage for me as it feels beyond my capabilities.

Having read through all the excellent feedback and noted everything that needed addressing, I first went back to one of my three protagonists. She’s been causing me trouble since I added her voice to the WIP so, for the second time, I stripped out all of her chapters and focussed on that particular arc, making her more consistent and three-dimensional. I’m still not completely happy with her, but I think her story has improved. I’ve now slotted her chapters back into the MS so I can do another pass through of everything together, and to see where the changes impact on the other two POVs.

At this stage I’m allergic, as they say in Cork

Sounds relatively straightforward, doesn’t it? If only. I find I’m at a point where I’m so fed up of reading the same words over and over that I’m critical of every one of them and can’t see what’s good and what’s garbage. But I’m trying to remain logical and make sure that the story flows more cohesively, carrying some of the more minor threads right the way through rather than letting them peter out, and dropping earlier hints about other things that are relevant towards the end.

I think that’s what I’m doing, anyway.

Yes, I’m almost certain that’s right.


Are we there yet?

Wordcount: 99,364 words, 344 pages.

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Picture: Robin Higgins/Pixabay; Weben Twicklerin/Pixabay


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